New York: Where to eat!

My trip to the United States started in New York, just like any other persons. In the city that never sleeps, I decided to join them, jet-lagged and starting my trip I was ready to find the best food, sights and things to do in NYC.

Most importantly, food, fuel is needed to keep you going in NYC, especially with all the walking you do from sight to sight. Below are some of the best places I visited over the two weeks I spent there.


-Cupcakes at MAGNOLIA BAKERY: The best cupcakes I had in NYC, came from the infamous Magnolia Bakery, the Bloomingdale’s cupcake was perfectly moist, the icing sweet and creamy. Although you would expect that of the infamous Sex and the City cupcakes. But the best thing I ate at Magnolia Bakery was the
banana pudding. The pudding was to die for, and a must if you are nearby.
Address: Bloomingdales, 59th Street

-Doughnuts at DOUGH: I can’t even, walking into dough.jpgDough was heaven. Shelves of donuts lining the glass windows, all immaculately made, with so many flavours to choose from. Tossing up between Hibiscus, Mocha-Almond Crunch and Nutella, I eventually decided on the Dulce de Luce- Almonds. The Dulce de Luce doughnut was by far the best doughnut I have ever had. The doughnuts are prepared throughout the day, meaning they ar
e constantly fresh and if you get there at the right time, they will still be warm when you’re eating them.
Address: Dough- 14 W, 19th Street.

-New York Cheesecake at 2 LITTLE RED HENS: New York Cheesecake is always a must in NYC, just like pizza is. And this Cheesecake was definitely one for the blog. It lived up to its Best Cheesecake award (as appointed by NY Daily News). The graham crust is buttery and melts in your mouth whilst the cheesecake is thick, fluffy and perfectly rich. There is often none on Mondays due to the cake taking 24 hours to set, so make sure you get in early for a $4.50 slice on most other mornings!
Address: 1652 2nd Avenue, NYC

Serendipity 3.jpg

-Cinnamon Fudge Sundae at SERENDIPITY 3: Whilst Serendipity 3 is known for their Frozen Hot Chocolate (which was also amazing by the way), Dad and I also decided to try something different to what is always recommended and wow was it a good decision. We got the Cinnamon Fudge Sundae, which is basically a lot of Apple Pie, Whipped Cream and Caramel Sauce. Sickening if you have too much, but really really nice for the parts that we did share. Be sure if you are going to Serendipity 3 that you realize you will be waiting in line for a while and that the portion sizes are huge as you can see with my frozen hot chocolate in front.
Address: 225 E 60th Street, NYC

-White Chocolate Ice-cream at BROOKLYN’S ICE-CREAM FACTORY: The view combined with the massive ice-cream I got meant for a very happy Hana. The ice-cream was massive but rich and creamy, well worth the couple of dollars. The view was a close rivalry though.
Address: 97 Commercial Street

-Dylan’s Candy Bar: This candy shop has everything a kid could dream for, bacon covered in chocolate, cookie dough pieces, chocolate covered gummy bears, and amazing desserts. This candy shop is two stories, with the stairs made of lollies, and basically any child’s dream. You will easily find enough candy for the week here, and maybe a few great presents to take home.
Address: 1011 3rd Avenue, NYC


-Margherita Pizza with Sausage at JULIANA’S: whilst a piece of Pizza on the street is great, nothing can beat Juliana’s which has won numerous awards being hailed the best Pizza in America. Getting to the pizza joint can be a great adventure, the restaurant is in Brooklyn and just a short walk from the Brooklyn Bridge which I walked over beforehand working up my appetite. The small pizza was massive, and worth the 45 minute wait in line. The wood fire pizza was crispy, and full of flavor with rich creamy mozzarella and luscious slices of tomato.
19 Old Fulton Street, Brooklyn

-Soup dumplings (Xiao Long Bao) at JOE’S SHANGHAI DUMPLINGS: These dumplings would have to be one of the best meals i had in New York and by far the best dumplings I have ever had, even beating out most of the dumplings I ate in China. The Soup Dumplings were full of flavor, with a very thin pastry (just how they are meant to be) and rich soup bursts out the minute you bite into them. My mouth just waters thinking about them. Although just like any good restaurant in NYC there is a crazy long line, also they only take cash.
Address: 9 Pell Street, NYCh2.jpg

-An everything with a schmear at H&H BAGELS: Bagels became my go to breakfast food in America, and the ones I got at H&H each morning always went down a treat. The best would have to be the everything bagel with cream cheese (a schmear) or the tuna salad.
Address: 1551 2nd Avenue, NYC

-Chicken Marsala at TONY’S Di NAPOLI RESTAURANT: Whilst I later found out Tony’s has multiple locations around NYC, the one that I went to in the East Side had great, hearty Italian food. Dad and I left feeling full and very happy with our big spread of Chicken Marsala, Caesar Salad and a variety of sides. The Chicken in particular though was a stand out, rich, creamy and just melted away in my mouth.
Address: 147 W 43rd Street


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