Chicago: What to see, do and eat!

The Windy City, home to the Chicago Cubs, deep-dish pizza and much much more.

Chicago would have to be one of my favourite cities in the USA, with so much to see, eat and do, I thought I would give you a few of my tips.



As always food is a priority and I managed to find some incredible spots in Chicago. 12079083_10204727697704424_8490417454109811154_n

DEEP DISH PIZZA at Lou Malnatis:  This is the best deep-dish pizza you will find i
n Chicago. It’s counterpart Giordiano’s is also great but Lou Malnatis is one of a kind. The pizza is fresh, and whilst not as thick as Giordiano’s it is less cheesy and filling than and therefore much nicer.
We ordered a Medium pizza between 5 girls, as well as 2 big salads, an antipasto platter and also the calamari. This was plenty of food for the 5 of us girls, who were all incredibly happy having 1 piece of pizza to munch on.

BURGERS at Rockit Burger Bar: This place takes burgers to a whole new level. They of course had your average cheeseburger, but there were two amazing burgers on the menu that me and my friend tried and fell in love with! First, the Johnny Apple Burger was a great mix of flavours of the beef burger, royal gala apple, bacon and brie. The other burger we had was a crazy idea that the Rockit Burger Bar is famous for – The Mac N’Cheese Attack. This beef burger is made using two mac n’ cheese patties rather than your average burger buns. Definitely worth a try, as well as the Truffle Oil Fries. 12105728_10204727694424342_3205021843891726535_n.jpg
DONUTS at Glazed and Infused: The donuts at Glazed and Infused were incredible, we got a variety of donuts as you can see but my favourite was the apple pie, and also the reeses pieces one! They also do a great hot chocolate!

THAI at Cozy Noodles N’ Rice: This was a great stop for a quick and cheap dinner. We got a variety of meals including the Pad Thai and the Chicken Satay as well as one of the Basil Stir Frys. Everything was fresh, full of flavour and very filling. homepage01-2x0homluvnjuceuuvt7xts.jpg

BRUNCH at Yolk: There is multiple Yolks situated throughout the city, but the two I went to both had incredible food for a cheap price. Both times I went we got great service as well as really nice food. The pineapple cut out and filled with yoghurt, walnuts and strawberries was incredible and definitely one of the best brunch meals I have ever had.

COCKTAILS at the Signature Lounge: Situated on the 96th floor of the John Hancock building, cocktails at the Signature Lounge is a must do if you are in Chicago. Be prepared to wait in line at night, especially if you want to be near the windows. Luckily as a group of 5 girls we didn’t have to wait. The view from the top of the bar was incredible, on a clear night looking out over the stretch of lights in the city is amazing. The cocktails are also really great and not to badly priced considering the view.

Make sure you also have a night out in Wrigleyville at the bars there.

12096479_957621820978799_999797963558304825_n.jpg-THE BEAN: in millennium park, the bean is a well known art sculpture which you will spend a good amount of time looking at your reflection in whilst taking some also photos! The silver, bean shaped sculpture is great fun but also very busy, so be prepared to fight for a spot to take a photo.
Make sure you stand right underneath the bean and look up for an incredible reflection of yourself.

-KINGSTON MINES: This is a blues bar that offers students free entry when we went. It was a great night with incredible live Jazz music and one of the oldest and most authentic Jazz bars in Chicago.

-THE SKYDECK: It’s not often I go up these high rise buildings to get a view of the city, but the Skydeck offered the chance to stand out above Chicago and look down on the ledge which extends out of the building 1,353 ft above Chicago.
The view was amazing, on a clear day you can see for miles! It is also the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. 12109200_10204727689944230_1388471819651954573_n.jpg

-THE LAUGH FACTORY: Catch a comedy show at the Laugh Factory one night. I hadn’t laughed this hard in a long time, for a cheap $17 this is definitely worth the money. We got to see 5 people do great stand up comedy and then stayed on for the singles show too.
Just take note there is a two drink minimum there, so the ticket generally ends up being more like $30.

-NAVY PIER: on a nice sunny day this is a great place to be! With a great view of the river and also plenty of spots to sit and take in the view it’s worth putting on your list of things to do.


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