Washington DC: Where to eat!

Washington DC is more than just a bunch of sights and museums, there is plenty of great food shops to be found as well.

FLORIDA AVENUE GRILL: This restaurant has been arounFloridaAveGrillfb.0.jpgd since 1944 and claims to be the worlds oldest soul food restaurant. The food at this restaurant is great. It is hearty and filling, full of flavour and probably a few too many carbs. The restaurant is a cute little dinner style place on the corner of a residential street.
If you go there are two things you must get:
First, the famous hotcakes are a must. Second, I absolutely loved the corn muffin, which is the best I had ever had, this was served with any of the main meals but the pan-fried chicken that I got was definitely the best of anyone’s meals, and the mac n’ cheese as a side was to die for!DCcupcakes (2).JPG

GEORGETOWN CUPCAKES: Definitely make the trip over to Georgetown if you have a chance to get the yummy cupcakes available at this world-renowned cupcake store. I would suggest getting one of everything!

ELEPHANT AND CASTLE: The burgers at this restaurant/ bar are amazing. After living in America for over 3 months, this was the first proper burger that I had. It was filling, tasty and pilled full of toppings. This restaurant is quite close to the mall and one of the only places open on weekends so if you are exploring the mall and need a nice place to eat at, definately make the walk to Elephant and Castle.

img_5509.jpgASTRO DONUTS AND FRIED CHICKEN: Not much else can be said about fried chicken and donuts except for yum! These two brilliant types of food are great. The fried chicken is nice and juicy cooked to perfection whilst the donuts are great with so many flavours to choose from!

SHOPHOUSE: (Main Picture) This was the best find that I had in Washington DC in terms of places to eat. It was a great “fast-food” place that was south east asian food that you could basically make a rice or noodle bowl with stir fried vegetables and meat and a sauce of your choosing. I ate here twice and both times it was delicious and fresh, leaving me wanting more! If only there was a ShopHouse in North Carolina!


BEN’S CHILLI BOWL: We went to Ben’s Chilli Bowl late at night after a big night out on U street. And to be honest the place didn’t live up to its hype. The food was okay, but just okay, it was fatty and drenched in oil. The chilli though was quite nice and definitely worth a try if you are around that area looking for some late night drunk food.



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