Orlando: Themeparks

When you go to Orlando the theme parks make up most of what is there, whilst I found a few other cool things – Lake Eola – Markets on Sunday, Winter Park is a pretty nice area too, especially for people watching and brunch. The theme parks are the highlight and what Orlando is centered around. I went to two of the theme parks – Disney’s Magic 12391166_10205035840047790_3750648131763343276_n.jpgKingdom and Universal Studios Island of Adventure.

DISNEY WORLD- Magic Kingdom is the main park and from what I could tell probably one of the best with the focus on the original Disney characters.

There’s so many things to do at Disney from rides, to parades, to eating, you will never be bored, but make sure you get there early to avoid the crowds!

Starting with the rides, there is plenty of them, most are centered towards kids and aren’t full of crazy thrills but they’ve all got their good bits.
Here’s my list:
-Space Mountain: Probably the most thrills you will get at Disney in terms of rides. Great fun.
-Seven Dwarfs Mine Train: This ride also offers a few good thrills, one of the newest rides in the park it is also one of the best.
-Splash Mountain: Be prepared to get wet on this ride! It’s a thrill when you go through the drop, but the rest of it is also quite good fun. 945549_10205035839807784_5951966706737556864_n.jpg

-Big Thunder Mountain Railroad: Another good one that takes you through some great railroad goodness!
-Pirates of the Caribbean: this ride whilst not a thriller, is great fun with quality graphics and so much detail put into everything around. Look out for Captain Jack Sparrow!
-Haunted Mansion: Whilst the ride has great graphics, I didn’t think it was worth the wait. If you’re with kids it would be a great one for them, but for us big kids it was a bit boring to be honest.

The parades are actually great fun to watch and also a good way to chill out, I was there at Christmas so Mickey’s Christmas Parade was a real highlight.

There is plenty of food to eat around the park but there is a few highlights that you must check out!
-The Ice Cream Sundae at the Main Street Ice creamery was incredible, a full meal in itself, it was amazing!
-Waffle Fries with Pulled Pork and Coleslaw, these waffle fries are brilliant as is the pulled pork! Get on them!Snapchat-6775486844801887117.jpg

A few other tips
-Take advantage of the fast pass, book your tickets ahead, log on a few days early and register for it. This will save you a good few hours of waiting in lines.
-If you can stay at the Disney Hotels I would definitely suggest it, there is heaps to do at them, but mostly the best thing is that there are shuttle buses running between the parks, Disney Springs and Epcot which help to get between the parks nice and quick. Also the airport shuttle they offer is great.
-Head over to Disney Springs at night for some shopping, exploring and a great dinner. I loved the burgers and tacos at Splitsville sports bar, it was also great to be able to watch the football there. 10391736_10205024774531159_3476744930519779624_n

UNIVERSAL STUDIOS – Islands of Adventure: Universal Studios was amazing, definitely the highlight of Orlando, but this may also be because I am a massive fan of Harry Potter.
Harry Potter World was amazing, plenty of things to do, the area had such attention to detail and really felt like you had walked into the movies.

Frozen Butter Beer was incredible, and worth the $$$. The shops are also great fun – Ollivanders and HoneyDukes are my highlights.
The rides!
-The Forbidden Journey is the most incredible ride I think I have ever been on. It ticks all the boxes – experience, thrills, visuals. Make sure you go through the whole ride, don’t jump the que or go in singles as the line is part of the experience, You get to walk 5673_10205035838727757_105535846737584854_n.jpgthrough the castle, and experience Hogwarts at its finest. When you get to the actual ride be ready for the most incredible ride and 3D stimulation you will ever experience.
-Dragon Challenge: is a crazy ride full of thrills, pick your dragon and then come back and try it again on the other dragon. It’s the most fun you’ll have all day!

There are plenty of other great rides to experience around Islands of Adventure, check out the Amazing Adventures of Spider Man ride, Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls, The Incredible Hulk Coaster and the Jurrasic Park  River Adventure.


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