Niagara Falls and Buffalo

Niagara Falls is not the easiest place to get to but me and my friend had a great time road tripping there through Buffalo.

8715_10205050258688247_4572430432371363879_n.jpgNiagara Falls is a sight you must see before you die. We arrived at sunset on Christmas Day which was definitely a great way to spend it. The view was incredible and the sunset one of the most beautiful I had seen before.
In saying this the next morning we awoke and crossed the border to the Canadian Side to see the view too. The Canadian Side I must say is a much nicer view, incredible and basically breathtaking. It was a smart idea to see the US side first.

A few things to note about Niagara falls is that you do have to cross the border to see both sides, the easiest way to do this is to take your passport and walk over the foot bridge. We drove which was easy as anything as well but it was very hard to find a park there, and we ended up parking about a 10 minute walk away (at 9am) to avoid paying $20 for parking. 1798_998770313530616_6426867025760548734_n.jpg

The area is incredible touristy, more so on the Canadian side, but be prepared for lights, gambling and mediocre food. This is a place that lives off the tourists so prices can be on the higher side and once you are out of the main areas it can be a little dingy. But we found a great cheap Chinese restaurant – Taste Good Chinese Restaurant – about a 10 minute drive from the falls in a shopping strip and it definitely tasted good. And helped us to achieve our dream of eating Chinese takeout on Christmas Day that was topped off by a night at the hotel watching Elf. We stayed at the Sheraton on the Falls and it was worth every cent. It’s in a great location – an easy walk to the falls. And has a great pool and gym, the staff were incredible and the bed and TV was amazing!

img_4991.jpgBuffalo is the closest city on the New York side and where the famous Buffalo Wing is from! So this was a must try for me driving through.
There are a few recommended places online – Anchor Bar, Duffs, Bar Bill and Doc Sullivan’s.
I went to Duffs and they were great, it was a nice sports bar, reminded me of a classier hooters to be honest, but it was good fun, busy and the wings were great (much spicier than you expect though).  Whilst I didn’t do much in Buffalo other than eat wings, it seemed like a cool little town.


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