Pittsburgh; see, eat, do!

Pittsburgh is not an obvious place to visit in America, but it is a place I’d highly recommend.
There is heaps to do and plenty of places you can go on nearby drives, including great places to hike and ski, or drive onto HersheyLand in Hershey.
Pittsburgh is a sport lovers heaven as well as a place that is easy to get around walking, driving is great, but their roads are interesting to navigate!o.jpg
MOUNT WASHINGTON: If you drive up Mount Washington on a sunny, clear day you will get an incredible view of the city that stretches for miles. It is a short drive from the city and a great place to have a picnic and watch over the city! See it both an night and during the day!

Watch a PENGUINS and STEELERS game: Pittsburgh take their sport seriously just like any other American city, but both the Penguins (Ice Hockey) and the Steelers (Football) have great stadiums, a crazy following and good consistent teams. Seeing a game is definitely a great way to spend the night. 10343026_10205069884498880_6984462436783567371_n.jpg

PRIMANTI BROTHERS: Make sure you grab a Pitt Sandwich and fries at Primanti Brothers. This sandwich is famous around Pittsburgh and is one of the most amazing sandwiches you will eat full of slaw, meat and cheese. This restaurant is one of the most famous places in Pittsburgh to get a sandwich, and well worth your time!

POINT PARK is a great spot to stop at and explore on the way to the Football or even to have a picnic in on a sunny day. It is the spot where the two rivers meet in Pittsburgh and the tip of downtown Pittsburgh.

ANDY WARHOL MUSEUM: This museum showcases Pittsburgh’s most famous artist – Andy Warhol, the museum is a shrine to him with artworks from all his years, quotes, photos and pieces of his life. The museum has some great artworks but also provides a great story and sums up Warhol’s life beautifully.

936174_10205069884858889_5147792993557375645_nCITY OF ASYLUM and RANDYLAND: City of Asylum is a great art instillation that is on the walls of houses in Pittsburgh. The artwork is the stories of Asylum seekers that have come
to the United States and settled and is about their experiences as asylum seekers. The houses that are written on and painted are incredibly beautiful and inspiring.
Randyland is truly a one of a kind house that is located just around the corner. It is a crazy house, full of colorful artwork, murals and art instillation. The colour will brighten your day and the creativity of the artwork displayed here is astounding. This may be the most colourful place in the USA.

THE STRIP DISTRICT: The strip district is a great spot to shop, eat and drink. The district is a half mile area full of cafes, place to buy fresh food and shops to explore. Here are my tips:
Coffee- La Prima, 21st Coffee and Tea
Sweets- Enrico Biscotti, Mon Aimee Chocolate
Seafood and Meat- Robert Wholey & Co, Parma Sausage, Pennsylvania Macaroni Factory, Strip District Meats
Markets- Pittsburgh Public Market, Many More Asian Market, Lotus Food
Eat at- Eleven, Kaya, Pamela’s, Stamooli’s, Sushi Kim


SARRIS CHOCOLATE- Sarris is a bit of a drive from Pittsburgh but oh my gosh i
t is worth it!
The chocolate here is incredible and the best I had in the United States in all my travels. My favourite was the almond bar and the Chocolate Pretzels but try the nougat and the peanut butter chocolate cup which were also amazing. Also have an ice-cream sundae whilst you’re there.


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