Philadelphia home of the cheese steak, Rocky Balboa and the Liberty Bell. But there is much more to Philly than just that. Take your time here and enjoy just walking and exploring.

the-9-best-things-to-eat-at-reading-terminal-market-ranked.jpgREADING TERMINAL MARKET: This market is incredible, and that is about the only word for it. Make sure to go here early in the morning to get the freshest produce for the day to cook with for dinner. The meats and cheese here is also perfect to make a lunch with.
But there are two much haves when you’re at the market.
Got to Termini Bros Bakery to get a Canolli. This will be pretty much the best Canolli you have had. Get the Chocolate chip Ricotta filled one and watch it filled and made right in front of you!
Also hit up Beck’s Cajun Cafe for some incredible gumbo and deep fried mac and cheese balls and Dienners for the Pennsylvania Dutch-style Bar-B-Que chicken12642988_10205236425942312_120054749694044083_n.jpg

LIBERTY BELL: Go and see the liberty bell and spend the morning exploring Independence Hall.
The liberty bell you can go straight into, but to go and see Independence Hall you do need to get there early in the morning to get a time when you can go and see it. In busy season, most times are gone by 11am. You can pick up tickets in the Independence Visitor Center.
The liberty bell is a great piece of history and the size of the crack in it is quite impressive.Get there early though!

eat a Philly CHEESE-STEAK: There are places to get a cheese-steak all over Philly and everyone will tell you a different place to get one but some of the best places include: Tony Luke’s, Campos Deli, Jim’s Steaks, Johns Roast Pork, Dalessandro’s Steaks.
I got a great one at Campos Deli -Full of meat, juicy and the bread was also nice and soft to soak up all the flavours. The Cheese-steak at the Reading terminal Market also looked pretty impressive.

FEDERAL DONUTS: These donuts I may say are incredible, with the flavours 348s.jpgchanging on a daily basis to suit what they are making on the day and what is in season. They truly are incredible, melting in your mouth with sweet donuty goodness. I got the apple pie donut, the apple was delicious, nice and soft with plenty of flavour, the butter pecan also looked amazing. They also do great deep fried chicken! Get in early to get the fancy hot donuts that are always the first to go in the morning, this place has been selling out since it opened in 2011.

ROCKY STEPS: Run up the rocky steps which lead up to the Philadelphia Museum of Art and take a photo with the Rocky Balboa statue, whilst your at it take in the incredible view of the city including all the flags that line the Benjamin philly.jpgFranklin Parkway. Also check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art if you have the time!

Check out THE LOVE PARK and get a photo with the infamous Love sign. In the holidays it transforms into a gorgeous Christmas market!

THE NATIONAL CONSTITUTION CENTER: this is a great place to explore what the Constitution is, why it is important to Americas history and also how it shapes/ed the country. This interactive museum is good fun and well worth spending a couple of hours there.


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