New Orleans: Where to eat!

New Orleans is one of the most incredible places in the United States for food. There is everything you can imagine here and all of it is incredible!
So let us get started!

PO BOYS at PARKWAY BAKERSnapchat-6776811636549830308Y: Parkway Bakery is one of the most famous places in NOLA and known for its delicious Po Boys that people wait in line for hours for. Personally I waited over an hour and it was incredible. I got the fried shrimp Po Boy, the shrimp was juicy, the roll crunchy on the outside and lovely and soft on the inside. Maybe go on a week day though to avoid the crazy crowds.

PRALINES at SOUTHERN CANDYMAKERS: The pralines at Southern Candymakers would have to be the best in all of NOLA, I tried several others including at Magnolias and nothing lived up to the creamy, mouth-watering goodness that was the Southern Candymakers Praline. They make them fresh every day, if you get there early in the morning they may even be warm.Snapchat-4076782950177680974 Enjoy!

MUFFALETTA at COUCHON BAKERY: The muffaletta I got here I think would be the best thing I ate in all of NOLA. Big call I know but the sandwich was incredible and the venue really interesting, full of nice fresh food to take home to cook or as souvenirs. The muffaletta was full of juice meat, with a crisp roll and a basically felt like love in my mouth.

GUMBO at THE GUMBO SHOP: The gumbo at The Gumbo Shop is incredible! I got the Chicken and Andoullie Sausage Gumbo and it was great, the bread that came with it was great to dip into the juicy stew. Also the cheap price kept me very happy.cafedumondebeignets.jpg

BEIGNETS at CAFE DU MONDE: These french donuts would have to be one of the most famed items of food in all of NOLA and there is no other place to get them other than Cafe Du Monde. Sit down at a table and wait till someone comes to take your order, grab a plate of beignets and a chicory-blend cafe au lait and you will be thoroughly content with your life whilst people watching people walking past.

JAMBALAYA and FRIED CHICKEN at COOP’S PLACE: This Dive Bar I wasn’t sure about walking into it, but the minute I got in I realised I was in a great spot. The bar was full of locals having a chat to the friendly bartender all chowing down on delicious, hearty meals. I decided to get a mix of things on my plate that included the fried chicken, coleslaw and rabbit and chicken jambalaya. I really wanted to try jambalaya in NOLA but the fried chicken was just too good to pass up so I got both. The jambalaya was incredible, it was creamy and juicy, full of incredible herbs and spices that made my mouth incredibly happy. Whilst the fried chicken fell of the bone and beat KFC any day!

IMG_2344.JPGCUPCAKES at BITTERSWEET BAKERY: This bakery some of the staff at my hostel worked at and had recommended and by god was it good! The cupcakes were soft, moist and had some amazing flavour combinations. The Banana with Peanut Butter Icing one I got was a great snack to enjoy at the WW2 museum.

Other places to eat in NOLA:

FRIED CHICKEN at WILLIE MAE’S SCOTCH HOUSE: This placimg_1446.jpge is famous for their fried chicken and has been around since the 1950’s. Get in early to get a table and enjoy the amazing chicken!

COMMANDERS PALACE: A NOLA institution for jazz brunch the food is great but expensive. Although the 25 cent martinis here are worth the expensive meal.

ELIZABETHS: This brunch place is a tad out of the way but the venue is great and busy as anything. I got the Banana Fosters French Toast, which was lovely, but there wasn’t enough banana or cream cheese. The Praline Bacon though was great. I would suggest sticking to the bacon and egg meals here. That is what they do best.


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