New Orleans: What to see and do!

Whilst Nola is a place famed for its food and drinking culture, that likely comes from Mardis Gras, there is plenty to see and do. From history you can see in their cemeteries, the french area, and museums there is plenty to do in NOLA.Snapchat-5299247891896378731

THE FRENCH AREA: Just spend an afternoon or day walking around this area and take your time taking the place in. The French Area is full of places to shop at, people to watch and bars to explore.

THE FRENCH MARKET: is a great spot to walk around and explore, get your beignets here at Cafe Du Monde or some great fresh food at the stalls located inside. There is also a great farmers market on Wednesdays (1pm-5pm) and also on Saturdays (check online for times).

WW2 MUSEUM: This museum would have to be lmp-exterior.jpgone of the best I have been to in my time.
The museum is incredibly comprehensive, and also surprisingly interactive. There are plenty of exhibitions and some great movies to also watch. You can easily spend 4-5 hours here or you can pick certain areas and do it in 2-3 hours. The museum provides an incredibly comprehensive account of Americas role in the second World War and links in with Hiroshima, the Japanese, Concentration Camps and plenty of other areas.

dscn3312.jpgLAFAYETTE CEMETERY NO 1: The cemeteries throughout New Orleans are incredible. It is well worth doing a guided tour if you have the time to
hear some incredible stories, but if that’s not your thing have a walk around yourself. Some of the graves are incredibly old and most of them magnificent and extravagant.

CITY PARK: The city park was a lovely, large park that is North of the French Quarter easily accessible by the trams. Hire a bike and rideĀ around the massive park. If you can’t ride though make sure to have a bit of a stroll and be sure to walk around the lake and check out the beautiful Sculpture Garden.

LOUIS ARMSTRONG PARK: This park is very small in comparison to city park, but really nice nonetheless. Take a photo with the Louis statue and have a seat near the lake to rest your feet.

Walk along the MISSISSIPPI RIVER: The river is beautiful with some great shops at the end of it, but take in the river and if you have the time walk to the ferry station and get the ferry over to Algeirs.


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