New Orleans: Where to Drink!

New Orleans is packed full of bars with most people knowing of Bourbon Street. But there are so many other places other than Bourbon Street to get an amazing drink!

FRENCHMAN STREET: Head to Frenchman Street for great Jazz music and some pretty funky bars. The drinks are good here, but the music better. You also get a great few places to dance.
Also in Frenchman Street on the weeknights the streets are lined with food vendors who I got plenty of late night snacks from and they were great!

PAT O’BRIENS: This is a NOLA institution and where the famed Hurricane is from. Enjoy the drinks and the vibe here!

BOURBON STREET: Grab a grenade, or a really large beer and head to Ticklers Piano Bar. This is one of the quality bars on the street that offers two dueling pianists who take requests for music. A great spot for a sing-a-long

MOLLY’S AT THE MARKET: Great dive bar on Decatur Street

HOTEL MONTELEONE: In the lobby’s carousel bar (just as the name suggests it actually revolves), Truman Capote used to boast that he was born in the hotel.



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