Boston: Where to eat!

Boston is I think close to my favourite city in the USA. There is so much to see and do, but the food and food culture makes this city incredible. From the strong Italian heritage shown through Little Italy and the amazing little cafes popping up with brunch nearly as good as Melbournes, Bostons food scene really is something. Finding a place to start will be hard.images

FLOUR BAKERY – This was one of my favourite little cafes, Flour Bakery has really great coffee and a killer lunch menu but what is the highlight are the cakes and cookies in their glass display cabinet. My favourite was The Sticky Bun, this bun was everything amazing, full of sticky caramel goodness, with a hint of a coffee taste. The other highlights included their cookies – The Lime cookie was sweet and sour all at once and melted in your mouth, – The Oreo cookie was also incredible.thumb_600.jpg

Boston is famed for its CANNOLI. There are so many great places to get a
cannoli but the two that I would suggest are MODERN BAKERY and also MIKES PASTRY. Modern Bakery is my favourite with incredible cannolis, the choc chip was incredible, but I would even just stick with the normal ricotta cannoli. This is a great lunch! Mikes Pastry is one of the most famed cannoli spots in Boston and it did live up to its name, with people lining up out the street they are worth the wait.

Something a bit more savoury is probably in order after all these sweets, and the perfect place is ANNAS TAQUERIA where you can get an incredible BURRITO. There are several throughout the city and all of them are great, with several Zagat rated. The cheap customizable burrito is well worth the wait.

Boston Cream Pie-M.jpgBOSTON CREAM PIE is a dessert that you are sure to have heard of, but a trip to the place where it originated is a definite if you are actually in Boston. PARKER RESTAURANT is the place where it all began and whilst an incredibly expensive restaurant, you can do what I did and just go for the dessert, which is surprisingly affordable. The sponge is light and fluffy, and the chocolate icing is rich against the rich cream. The whole cake is worth the calories.

Little Italy is incredible, there are plenty of great place to just buy bread, cheese and some lunch meats. My favourites were: Salumeria Italiana and The Cheese Shop, but have a wonder and find what looks busy and authentic.
There isn’t much better than a baguette with some cheese and prosciutto especially on a travelers budget and when you want to keep moving.Pizzaria Regina.jpg

In Little Italy you will find one of the best PIZZA joints in Boston. REGINA’S PIZZERIA was incredible, wood fire pizzas made on the spot are all incredible. All 6 that we got were impeccable. I was a real fan of the pizzas with the white sauce in particular the CHICKEN PESTO PIZZA.



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