Boston: What to see and do

Boston, an incredible city, full of history, shopping and incredible food. This city would have to be one of my favourites around the world. It is packed with things to do and see and places to eat.1919227_10205035838247745_5476735797546368825_n.jpg

BOSTON PUBLIC LIBRARY: I had so much fun exploring the library, and the child in me came alive in the extensive and new children’s section. The library is currently being upgraded and if the children’s section – colorful, areas to play and sit on couches – is anything to go by, the rest of it is going to be amazing! If you’re a traveler do as I did and sit in the hall whilst reading, a fiction novel or perhaps a guidebook on what to do in Boston.

LITTLE ITALY is one of my favourite spots in Boston. Wander the streets and get a cannoli at Mikes Pastry, a pizza at Reginas Pizzeria, and some cheese and meats at all the incredible 946413_10205035837407724_9036499925145247528_n.jpgdelis. This area has some of the best food shops and most authentic Italian food you will find in the USA.

HARVARD is one of the most famed universities in the USA
, there is no way you could go to Boston and not visit it. Have a walk around the campus, get a photo with John Harvard, and maybe buy a souvenir from one of the many school shops. There is also some great stores, coffee shops and restaurants in the area around Harvard that is always buzzing with college students.

The QUINCY MARKET is another great spot that is part of the famed FANUELI HALL MARKETPLACE. Both are worth checking out. Both hold cute little shops as well as meat, cheese, fruit and vegetable stores as well as some great cute restaurants. Always packed at lunch with workers have a walk around and you will find anything and everything here, from pizza bagels (two of the best things combined), clam-chowder (a must try in Boston) and pasta, Chinese, New-York deli style foods.  Keep a look out for cute little jewelry and accessory shops in among street performers.

45203_10205035837167718_3545495921346073370_n.jpgOne of the most historic and amazing areas in Boston is the BOSTON COMMONS. The Boston Commons is a park in the center of Boston, great to stroll or run through and take in several monuments of the freedom trail explained below. The oldest city park in the USA is made up of the central burial ground – which now ironically has a children’s playground on it – several memorial sites, a softball field, the famed ducklings and plenty of cute lakes and grass areas to stroll around in winter or have a picnic by in summer.

THE FREEDOM TRAIL WALK is a walk that goes all around Boston, I decided to take a guided tour o
f it through The Freedom Trail Foundation, which begins in the Boston Commons and I would highly recommend. 12373321_10205035835887686_7083532491826363068_n.jpgThe guide I had was highly knowledgeable and took you around a large amount of the sites and explained their history and also dispelled a few myths and told some interesting stories. Some of the famed stops include Massachusetts State House, King’s Chapel Burying Ground, Fanueli Hall, USS Constitution and the Benjamin Franklin Statue. If you plan on walking it yourself, you can start at any point along the way and just follow the red brick path.

BOSTON TEA PARTY MUSEUM is a great historic museum and interactive experience if you want to better understand the history of Boston and also the Tea Party. The interactive show is good fun and definitely gives you all the knowledge you need to understand part of Americas confusing history.

PRIMARK: this is one of my favourite places to shop that I found in England. I had to throw it on the list because I love it so much, and it’s the first I have found outside England. Cheap cheap clothes and cute accessories will be found here, you can easily spend hours browsing all the clothes in the multi-story shop.


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