Houston; eat, do, see.

Houston is an interesting city. Incredibly spread out and big, the city is one you definitely need a car to get around. Whilst a bit of a quiet city, there is plenty to do and see.

12400708_10205139623842320_8582926749582843246_n.jpgIn Houston the main attraction is NASA, whilst technically an hours drive from the center of Houston, it is an incredible place to spend a day. Unleash your inner nerd here, there are several great exhibitions to see, great movies to watch and make sure you get onto the tram tour to see both a space ship built that never flew, its size will astound you. On the tram tour you will also get to see the space vehicle mock-up center which is incredible to see, see where astronauts train and where some of the most incredible advances in space science have occurred.

-The DOWNTOWN TUNNEL SYSTEM: is an incredible network of pedestrian walkways underneath the city. They link 95 city blocks with many entrances all over downtown Houston. Open only during the day, mostly to service office workers, there are portions of the tunnel that have a newsagents, flower shops and food courts, but mostly it is an easy and cool way to get around downtown.8494_10205139624722342_2229051512178957621_n.jpg

-THE WATERWALL: is another one of Texas’ massive spots that doesn’t make a lot of sense. But it is pretty cool to look at and situated right next to a great mall, The Galleria, to have a shop at, or an ice-skate over winter.

-There are also several great parks to explore around Houston which is a great break from the big buildings, massive churches and huge cars zipping everywhere.
THE DISCOVERY GREEN is a large urban city park that provides an escape in the middle of the city.
HERMANN PARK- one of Houston’s most-visited public parks, Hermann Park is home to the Houston Zoo, Houston Garden Center, Miller Outdoor Theater, Houston Museum of Natural Science, and the Hermann Park Golf Course. Have a nice walk around and park, and look at some of the sights.memorial-park-golf-course-1.jpg
MEMORIAL PARK- This is one of the largest urban parks in the United States (pictured)
. The park was actually a site of a US training camp for the first world war. This park is a great running spot as well as having a golf course, tennis courts, volleyball nets and much more.

There is plenty of great spots to eat in Houston, most of them old and quite famous.

IMG_4610_odkkrd.jpg-THE ORIGINAL NINFA’S ON NAVIGATION: this is the restaurant where they say fajitas started and took off in the USA. The food is incredible at this restaurant and the steak fajita blew my mind. Whilst the food here is expensive, the meal sizes are massive as they always are in the US and can be shared between two with an appetizer as well.

-HUGO’S is a well known Mexican restaurant in Houston, and definitely worth your time. The dish I would recommend is the Lechon (suckling pig), Carnitas, Barbacoa and the guacamole are also amazing. The service is top notch as are the margaritas. Whilst expensive, it is different to your usual tex-mex, and definitely worth making a reservation for.o.jpg

-HOUSE OF PIES (right) is the place to go to get an incredible and massive slice of pie that will do for dinner and dessert all in one go!

-BAR BOHEME: The Vietnamese fries here are an incredible spot to get  drunk food, a heaping pile of thin cut hot french fries covered in spicy sauces, cilantro and just all around yummy goodness.

-KOAGIE HOTS is a great spot for a cheap meal of Korean Cheese steaks, crisp break, juicy meat and all for a cheap few dollars. Enjoy!



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