Austin: To Do!

Austin is an incredible city, nothing like what I expected Texas to be. Austin has some incredible walking trails, full of places to get great meals, and a place where you won’t run out of things to do.

A smaller town than other big Texas cities, Austin is the hippie and interesting little brother of Houston and Dallas. Definitely get there if you can, it’s now up there with a few of my faves!

There is so much to do around Austin some of my favourites are below:

10405608_10205139620962248_2329216610745489811_n.jpg– GRAFFITI PARK: The graffiti park is a great spot to see some of Austins art, this is a park where people have come for years to graffiti and make incredible artwork. This is a great spot to take a few photos, see some people creating art and take in your surrounds.

-The ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE: this is a great spot to see a movie and enjoy your night with a beer and meal whilst watching the film.
The cinema shows new releases and some great classics. A great spot for a relaxed night 12509043_10205139621642265_6350291845957772013_n.jpgand an enjoyable wine with dinner in a different setting.

-The CAPITOL BUILDING: This building is a great part of history in Austin and is one of the largest Capitol Buildings in the United States.  Get a tour if you feel like it, or just explore on your own, the gardens are lovely and the interior is incredible to see with nearly 400 rooms.

-If you are there at the right time of the year go and see THE BATS AT CONGRESS BRIDGE: Seeing the bats emerge from under the bridge is incredible with thousands and thousands emerging from the bridge. It is a sight to see, check online to see if you are there at the right time of year and what time they will emerge approximately.
-SOUTH CONGRESS is a great street to explore with incredible shops, restaurants and cafes as well as some great street art. Here you will find many of Austins famous art murals scattered around that you can take photos with, in between looking for the best brunch spot. Another great store that is towards the end of the strip is the Big Top Candy Store, centered on old school lollies, walking in here you will feel like a kid all over again. Be sure to try the chocolate covered praline bacon, and the milkshakes!

My favourite part about Austin is all the nature in among the city. Walking around I fo
und plenty of little walking trails, and lakes. A few of my favourite are below:
12553083_10205139621962273_6950783510358618889_n.jpg-Barton Creek Greenbelt Hike (left): This hike is a really nice and leisurely walk that goes on and on. You can  step in at multiple points along the track but the easiest place to start is at the Barton Springs Pool. This trail takes you through the bush and past some great watering holes, if you walk far enough you will also come across plenty of people abseiling and rock climbing which is great to watch. You can look at a map here:
-Lady Bird Lake Trail: This walk is a lovely, flat walk around the lake in Austin, it stretches for miles and is a gorgeous walk on a sunny day. Take a picnic with you and stop at one of the lovely parks along the way.
-Mount Bonnell: Also known as Covert Park this Mountain is a great high point along the Lake Austin point of the Colorado River. The Indian trail is a great walk up to the mountain and is an incredible view from the top.
-Hamilton Pool: Hamilton Pool is a massive pool that has formed due to erosion of a underground river. It is a massive pool and a popular swimming-hole in summer. Enjoy the gorgeous view and have a swim under the waterfall. Reservations are now required to enter the pool, see more information here:
-Barton Springs Pool: This pool is a 12540934_10205139622722292_4872737548417139852_n.jpglovely swimming spot right in the middle of the city, that is naturally warmed, and even bearable in winter!
The pool is pristine, and great to have a sunbathe by or a nice swim.

Lastly, if you are looking for somewhere to go for a night out on the town, head to 6th Street. There is two ends, the East end is a cleaner, more house party type vibe, with lots of nice bars that are more civilized. Head to the South End and you will reach what is known as the “Dirty South”. These bars are filled with college kids, are a great time, but also end in a fairly messy night. Enjoy!


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