Austin: Where to Eat!

Austin is an incredible foodie town, plenty of places to get an incredible brunch, some great sweet treats and of course BBQ!!!ls.jpg

South Congress is a great strip full of places to get brunch (I will let you find your own favourite), but a couple of my favourite spots are:
-Amy’s Ice-Cream is a great hole-in-the-wall spot to get a quick snack. The ice-cream here is nice and creamy, with plenty of flavours, types of cones, and add-ins to choose from!
-Lucky Robot Japanese just down the road is an incredible sushi place. Watch the sushi chefs make the food right in-front of you and enjoy the great, fresh sushi that whilst expensive is lovely.10516818_699362033434550_2197487288279885064_n.jpg

-WHOLEFOODS: This is an odd one, but a great one. Everyone knows wholefoods as the spot to get great groceries, as well as a take-away meal when you’re feeling lazy. This wholefoods however is the largest in the USA and also the first. Head here on a weekend and you will be astounded. It is busy, full of spots to get lunch and breakfast made with their produce, live music and so much more. Stock up on groceries for the week and get a meal whilst your there.DSC_8827.jpeg

-BBQ hails from Texas. There is plenty of spots to get great BBQ in Austin, on
e of the most famous spots is FRANKLIN’S BBQ. Be sure to get there early, and be prepared to wait in line. The brisket is incredible, well worth the wait, the BBQ is the best in Austin. If however you can’t spend the time waiting in line or are worried they will sell out (which they always do), head to Freedman’s and get the Holy Grail Plate. Also a great spot to get BBQ it is definitely one of the top institutions for BBQ in Austin.

531a0fc84f4d63a0c777397bc8069f20.jpg-GOURDOUGH DONUTS: This spot is amazeballs. All that can be said is it is incredible. The donuts here are massive and will fill you up for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With three scattered around Austin, make sure you get to one whilst you are there. Serving up donuts, donut burgers, donut sandwiches and dessert donuts. The options are endless, from the Flying Pig (topped with bacon and drizzled with maple icing) to the Miss Shortcake (slathered with cream cheese icing and fresh-cut strawberries), you will be in sweet tooth heaven here!

-BRUNCH, is a meal that growing up in Melbourne, Australia I came to love. In America it isn’t easy to find a good brunch spot, but there were plenty in Austin. My two picks were – 24 Diner, and Sawyer and Co.



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