Las Vegas: See, Do and Eat

Vegas is an interesting town. It is different to anywhere else you have ever been for a variety of reasons, but the main difference is the fact that nothing sleeps here. This is a city of glitz and glamour and one where money definitely helps.

12647518_10205244121174688_2345345408486192273_n.jpgThere is not a lot to do here other than eat, sleep, gamble and party. But it is a great time and good fun to explore the trip and just explore. Oh and take a few day trips if you can (Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Red Rock Canyon were the three I did and wrote about, Death Valley is also a good one).
The hotels are amazing to explore along the strip with so much money going into them to outdo the other.
-THE VENITIAN: this hotel has amazing canals throughout it, based on venices canals, walk along and get a gondola ride if you can. Have a look up at the roof/ sky whilst you are there.
-THE BELLAGIO: I stayed here and loved every minute of it, watch the fountain go off at night, the show is on every 15 minutes and different every time. Also explore the garden in the hotel and just wander around.
-CEASERS: based on classic Rome the Buffet here is also incredible
-THE PARIS: this hotel features its own Eiffel Tower

FREEMONT STREET in OLD VEGAS is a great spot to find old school casinos as well as the Zipline1cc.jpgability to Zipline down the whole strip. Ziplinning down here is an incredible experience to be above all the people, flying above them. Experience plenty of street performers, and some nice open bars whilst you are there.

There are plenty of places to shop on the strip be sure to check out some of the discount malls too if you get a chance.

A good question in Vegas is where to eat, most places you stay won’t have a spot to cook and will only offer hotel restaurants. Some of these hotel restaurants are divine and are the best spot to eat, especially since most of the strip is just lined with fast food joints.
Caesarbuffet+1.jpg-Buffet Breakfast at CEASERS is the best breakfast in Vegas. Get the chicken and waffles, and red velvet pancakes.
-Buffet dinner at the BELLAGIO is a great night out, whilst expensive the seafood and meat carvery (oh and the sushi!) you get is worth every dollar, whilst you stuff yourself full!
-Red Velvet Pancakes at BABYSTACKS CAFE, the Huntington Omelette is meant to be pretty good to.
-CARLOS BAKE SHOP: got to love a dessert spot, the flaky lobster tail pastries are to die for.
-The Classic Taco Plate at HUSSONG’S CANTINA is a cheap eat and a great one at


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