Denver: See, do and eat

Denver is a sleepy city, or at least it was when I was there. I enjoyed it, but it was very quiet, and as one who doesn’t smoke week it was a bit harder for me to find people to hang out with.

348s.jpgIn terms of things to do, the main strip in Denver is the 16th Street Mall. This is a great mall to walk, with a tram that you can get on and ride up and down the strip. Below are a few of the best shops and stops.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE SHOP is a great spot to get a chocolate, they are handmade and really bloody nice. Get a few to eat now and a few to take home.

DENVER PAVILLION- A great facility with 40 shops including Colorado’s first H&M, There is a great movie cinema here also.Tattered_Cover_interior.jpg

TATTERED COVERS BOOKSTORE: this bookstore on 16th Street opened in 1971, and over the years it has continued to be a favourite of locals and tourists with thousands of books occupying its walls. Whilst I wouldn’t say it is a tourist attraction, if you like books you should visit this store, sit and read for an hour or two, grab a coffee or buy a book for the rest of your travels.

o.jpgAVEDA INSTITUTE is a great spot to get a haircut, hair dye, your nails done, this is your mecca. The institute is a place of learning where all the staff are in training, I got a great shampoo, haircut, and blow dry here for a small $17. It was a great haircut and well worth checking out if you need a trim.

YARD HOUSE is a good spot for a bite to eat whilst walking the 16th St Mall. It has a great happy hour and amazing food. I had dinner here twice because it was nice and easy, and really good food. The salmon, tacos and steak here were all ahmaze!

Eat at THE KITCHEN. This restaurant on 16th Street has a menu that is sourced from local farmers, ranchers and purveyors.Offering both an amazing share menu, and quality main meals.o (1).jpg

UNION STATION – have a look here at some of the cute little shops and be sure to eat at Snooze (right). They have a great breakfast and brunch and are well known throughout Denver for their good instagramable meals.
Also get to The Kitchen Next Door. They have a great happy hour from 3-6pm, 7 days a week.

CHOLON is an incredible restaurant that has been up for best restaurant and chef numerous times. The must eats are: pork belly buns with sesame honey glaze, and the duck fried rice served with farro and a poached egg.

Get a COCKTAIL at PARAMOUNT CAFE during one of their two daily happy hours.

Boulder is a great town to visit on the way to the Rocky Mountains. Stop here for breakfast at Snooze an AM eatery, and  walk up the strip.
The Rocky Mountains speak for themselves, explore, drive around, go for a hike. Or if you are like me and go in winter, take a few photos throwing snowballs and take in the incredible snow-capped peaks. Get to Estes Park on the way there too, there is plenty of cute, cool shops to visit here, including a great lolly shop.



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