Day trips from Vegas

There are plenty of day trips you can take from Vegas and they are all incredible. A great break from the craziness of Vegas, take one or all of these day trips and enjoy the views, the drive and go for a hike or two.

12670124_10205244120614674_6906662182626867285_n.jpgRED ROCK CANYON: this is one of the closer drives from Vegas, and definitely worth hiring a car for the day. The canyon here is not what you would expect and is more large rocks, with magnificent colour, protruding from the ground.   Red Rock offers desert beauty, towering red cliffs and abundant wildlife, you can choose to drive the scenic loop, or you can get out of the car and walk parts of it. There are chances for photo opportunities at various locations including Calico Hills’ colorful sandstone, limestone Indian roasting pits, Indian “handprints” and the pictographs at Willow Springs.

GRAND CANYON: this is a much further drive than most others but if you have a day, or two I would suggest that this should be at the top of your list. Entrance via The South Rim is the best spot for views and exploring the park. At the park entrance there is a small fee, be sure to also get a map here to look at where to go for the best views of the park and a few spots to go on hikes. The Grand Canyon Village is a great pit-stop to explore and the view behind the visitors center really is extraordinary. Be sure to stop at Rosie’s Diner on your way there, the BLT is incredible. 12654410_10205244119534647_7043580952969204203_n.jpg
The best viewpoints are:
-LOOKOUT STUDIO is an easy spot to get to and offers great panoramic views of the canyon.
-YAVAPAI POINT is one of the best ways to see deep into the inner of the canyon.
-MATHER POINT, you can see well over half of the entire Canyon with magnificent views of the rock pinnacles, great spot to watch the sunset too.
-DESERT VIEW AND WATCHTOWER, climb the steps up the watchtower and get an incredible 360 degree view of the canyon.
Some of the great hiking spots include:
The 12 mile RIM TRAIL that is a nice easy hike and follows the rim of the canyon.
BRIGHT ANGEL TRAIL: This is a beautiful desert trail but it is also a very strenuous trail that requires some planning and preparation.

12418028_10205244120374668_5679175003754448685_n.jpgHOOVER DAM: this is another great spot to drive to, either on its own or on its way to the Grand Canyon.
Here you get to stand at the line of two countries and as you walk from one side of the dam to the other you will cross time zones and states. Hoover Dam is massive, the whole dam is truly an engineering wonder!
This immense concrete structure — which confines Lake Mead, the largest reservoir in the United States by volume — has helped provide power to Nevada, Arizona and California for nearly 100 years, walk over the bridge and explore the structure.

DEATH VALLEY is also another great one, that I will report back to you on in a few months!


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