Sequoia National Park

14690999_10207031217410977_3023537028601370382_nThis national park is linked with Kings Canyon and is a great national park to start a trip in California at. It is relatively easy to navigate with most of the main attractions on the same road, meaning it is pretty hard to get lost.

When staying at Sequoia there are several options on the drive up to the park that are quite close, I chose to stay in Visalia which is the nearest town, about 45 minutes away from the park. Accommodation was much cheaper here and also central to get food, go to the shops and get cell service!

So what are the highlights of Sequoia?

Moro Rock: Moro Rock is basically a massive rock that overlooks the national park, but the view is incredible and well worth the walk up. You have two options, 1- drive up to the rock and walk up the 400 stairs to the top (it’s not as hard as it sounds), 2- hike about 1.5 miles up to the rock then walk up the stairs. It isn’t a steep walk and the stairs on the rock are well sized with plenty of spots to stop and pretend to look at the view (when really, you’re trying to catch your breath). When you get up the top stop for a few minutes and take in the view, then get out your camera and start snapping. I was a bit naughty and climbed out under the barricade to go sit out on the rocks a bit further out which was so peaceful, and also made for a really good photo (cover photo).14572264_10207031215410927_4882272604093098215_n.jpg

Tunnel Log: On the same road as Moro Rock is Tunnel Log, this is a quick stop but a pretty
cool one. Tunnel Log is a giant Sequoia that has fallen years ago, and been hollowed out for cars to drive underneath. The drive to Tunnel Log is also great with lots of nice spots to stop on the road and take photos or go for hikes.

General Sherman Tree: The biggest tree in the world…. Yep, the world. This is worth a look at, mostly just to show how small and insignificant humans can be in comparison with nature. The tree is the biggest in the world based upon its volume.
A cool little Sequoia fact that I learnt on my walk around the area: they grow best straight after fire, they manage to grow around the burns and continue developing. There is also a tree where you can see these burn marks.

14591866_10207031216290949_249496733072645106_nThe Congress Trail: This walk is a nice 2.9 mile walk around the Redwoods and Sequoia trees.
It provides some great spots to stop for a picnic, a place to be amazed by the silence of the forest. The noteworthy trees are The President (3rd largest in the world) and The Senate and The House groups of trees.
Here you can get up close to the trees, so take them in, give them a hug and enjoy the serenity.

One thing to take note of in the park is that there are animals around, in particular bears. Make sure that when you leave your car that there isn’t any food or drink visible from the outside, or you may find that there has been a visitor when you get back to the car.

Is there anywhere else in Sequoia that you would recommend for my next trip?


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